winegirl's world

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Wow I have been extraordinary slack in this blog but my excuse is I am soon to be become winegirl no more! It's time for some changes round here and this girl is soon to become HRgirl instead. Slightly unexpected career move but I'm hopeful this will be more satisfying in the long term than ordering in pallets of wine 9-5. Thanks to everyone who has read and commented on my blog and goodbye and good luck to you all!

WG xx

Friday, January 20, 2006

Men are from Mars - the sequel....

I hate to admit it but I think I am a bit of a Bridget Jones - I'm single but always looking, adore wine, and yes I do drink Chardonnay (it's great, don't knock it) and I love Men are from Mars style books. I love em.

Anyway, I wanted to share with the world a little known phenomenon of male behaviour which I have come to experience enough times to know this is a fact. My friends and I like to call it the "where is the exam?" syndrome. This occurs when boys really like you and they don't know how to talk to you. What happens is they invent something they need your help with that really they either a) know already, b) is obvious or c) they could find out very easily themselves. Trust me, you know it when it happens. This ploy is then used to generate a (albeit random) conversation. It was first discovered at University when my friend and I used to take phone calls from boys asking us where our exams were that week, even though we all got given exam time-tables and their house-mates were on the same course. This phenomenon is also very much in circulation in the work place. I think it's rather adorable actually....

Onward to the weekend and fine wine & cockails!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

close relations?

So I was thinking today about how everybody in the world has to be related to eachother in some way and how we must all be distantly connected to even our work colleagues - isn't that bizarre? I was wondering who I was most closely related to out of everyone in the office.

So here I am at work.

It's funny, I look round the office and wonder how many people are actualy doing any work at all. I found out this week that my boss is on our group email at work so all the jokey emails and bitchy comments my team have been sending eachother were (gasp) also being read by my manager. I am still trying to rack my brain to think if I have said anything potentially libellous and whether my P45 is going to be coming through the post soon. But honestly how sneaky is that?

Computers are clearly dangerous. I also blame work entirely for my current Top Shop on-line retail therapy habit and they keep sending me these emails enticing me to buy more delicious things - it's too tempting.

Yay, one hour to go...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

dreaming of sleep!

Ugh, work is just so boring at the moment. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas-time and all but I think everyone here is getting just a teensy bit stressed out and tired of working. Myself included - god I am a grumpy old cow at the moment!
I have been attending incessant parties this week, which has been fun and grossly alcohol fueled (loving mulled wine!) but now I am just dreaming of sinking into bed at home and stuffing my face with chocolate!

Happy Christmas!! xx

Monday, December 05, 2005


I am in total pain.

I foolishly and a little more than slightly enthusiastically decided to go to my first aerobics class in several years on Saturday. I woke up on Sunday and felt like an old woman as soon as I touched one foot out of bed, every single part of me hurts! I have just gone to Boots and redeemed my advantage card points on a can of Deep Heat - oh, the glamour - not to mention the smell.

Never again!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Yoga slackness

Time to recover from my utter slackness with this blog! I blame moving, it's hard to adjust to a new place. I get confused when I sleep in a different direction to usual. And yes Crumb, I too am the proud owner of an IKEA Up-lighter - except mine got left behind by its previous owner. I think everyone must own one of these, don't you? IKEA has a lot to answer for.
In conjunction with my move I am trying to develop a whole new healthly living, positive attitude lifestyle. It's going well so far. I've made home made soup and also been to yoga once. It was quite embarrasing though as I sat next to these girls who turned out to be yoga geniuses and I couldn't even get my breathing technique right! Everyone else was breathing really slowly and rhythmically and I just couldn't calm down. I think everyone must have thought I was some kind of weird heavy breathing person, clearly I have more of a problem with stress than I thought! Oh dear, another resolution..

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Feng Shui Attack

Well the move went well-ish, totally knackering of course, and slightly stressful as the ex-almost (but nothing of the kind) boy-friend and I had a huge shouting match over everything and nothing in the street in Holborn on Friday and I screamed at him that I did not want his help moving anymore actually. So that's officially over I think. Well at least that meant he didn't meet my mum. Maybe I should count my blessings. It's kind of sad when you realise that its not enough to care about someone they have to care enough back too.

Anyway, moving on..I am now really loving my new environment! Although it feels really strange to think its actually mine. I keep walking around it very gingerly as I'm afraid I'm going to damage something. The old owner left me an absolute beast of a spider plant - its massive and weighs about as much as a small elephant. I had a bit of a feng shui attack on my flat last night and spent most of the evening moving everything around and then moving it all back to the same place again. I managed to struggle with my plant down my stairs (I didn't have the strength to hump it back up again) so now it sits in my hallway, making sure all the positive chi bounces up into my living room, errrr...or something.